Cut off the noise 

Design your success

Make things happen


It's OK not to know what comes next. 

What isn’t going to work is sitting around waiting for better results while following the same patterns.

Hi, I’m Klaudia; I empower visionaries to 'make things happen' so that they succeed joyfully and without the overwhelm.  

about me

Either you run the day, or the day runs you.

Happiness isn't something you postpone for the future; it's what you design for the present.

- Jim Rohn, Entrepreneur

Have you ever...?

Wished you had more time?

Wanted to focus on what's important instead of running in circles?

Wished you had a structure that helps you be at your best?

Felt everything is kind of OK, but in fact, you do not realize your vision?

Is this you?​​

  • I am an ENTREPRENEUR or EXECUTIVE who needs to improve what I already have. I feel busy, overwhelmed with the amount of work. I think I am everything to everyone. I feel I have to clone myself to get everything done.

  • I am a CREATIVE or WANNAPRENEUR, with tons of amazing ideas but don't know where to start. I feel overwhelmed by the number of opportunities. I start working on something to drop it after a while. The results do not follow.


If any of these statements sound familiar -  you’re in the right place. You might feel overwhelmed with the complexity around you, or drained by the lack of joy from what you do, and it’s high time to fix that.

Unlock your full potential.

What do I get from

Exuberance Coaching?












alicja Jasina 2.jpg

Alicia, Director & 2D Animator

Klaudia’s coaching sessions changed my life. She pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and to think and act in different, more effective ways.



Ramiro, Film Director & Artist

Klaudia is a great coach, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to get more clarity and personalize techniques to thrive. She was a pleasure to work with.


Gregory, Java Engineer

I’ve never had a coaching session before and was both curious and skeptical. Klaudia happened to be a first-class professional that you can immediately trust.

Vivek Reddy.jpg

Vivek, Entrepreneur & IT Engineer

The goal was to understand my behavior and myself better and, indeed, this meeting provoked important insights that I intend to continue focusing upon.

woman entrepreneur.jpg

Anna, Entrepreneur

Klaudia is a patient listener who knows how to approach difficult questions in a way that allows you to answer them with a degree of honesty that you wouldn’t have previously dared.

Maria Krol.jpg

Maria, HR Partner

This process is like looking into the mirror and seeing reality with your own eyes – but with some valuable guidance.


Irene, Real Estate Agent

Klaudia has landed in my life as a gift from heaven. I was in a transitional stage, and her help and guidance have been invaluable. She is a master at provoking more productive thought processes.

Image by Deniz Göçmen

Derek, Entrepreneur

I discovered new ways of thinking of and structuring my business. Working with Klaudia is an exciting challenge and a mental exercise. I am looking forward to each session!

adriana zak.jpg

Adriana, Non-Profit Director & Psychologist 

Finding the best way forward requires courage and openness to change. Working with Klaudia transformed the overwhelm and chaos into a completely new way of living and doing business.