About me

 Klaudia is an amazing, empathetic listener. I was comfortable sharing my most intimate problems without a single moment of feeling judged.

My name is Klaudia Kostarelas, and I am a coach, a psychologist, and an entrepreneur. I have always reached for things that were seemingly beyond my grasp - living abroad, working with the biggest companies in the world (along with rule-breaking startups), and pursuing satisfying and lucrative work that also benefits others.​


I am a firm believer in life-long learning, and hence, I am on a constant journey (literally and metaphorically) to improve myself and the world around me. It all started in central Europe – in Poland – where I’m from.  Two years after I landed my first managerial position,  I recognized that I wanted more from life, so I moved to London, which led me to New York, to the Bay Area, and finally to Los Angeles, which I now call home. 


In 2016, I started from scratch in the United States, and within two and a half years, I became an Operations Director at an award-winning start-up. In fact, in  2017, I coordinated that company’s successful ICO (Initial Coin Offering), raising more than $11M. Along the way, I discovered that my passion is helping other professionals transition from unfulfilling jobs to meaningful and rewarding careers and businesses. As a coach, I’m able to help my clients design their dream lives and careers they hadn’t dared to dream for themselves before.

She has an effortless way of triggering strategies within you that will help you accomplish your goals.

​​Exuberance Coaching was born out of a desire to spread positive energy and to empower motivated professionals to realize their dreams. My years as a high-performing professional only increased appetite for getting more out of my career and giving back to like-minded professionals. When I finally dived into coaching, it brought me the kind of freedom, peace, and joy that I am committed to sharing with you.

As a very inquisitive observer, I’ve always been drawn to connect closely with my surroundings. I have worked in multiple professional settings, including massive hierarchy-driven firms that employ large numbers of smart, experienced, and motivated professionals; micro firms (like my small organic store back in Poland); and startups so innovative that it became difficult to explain what I did for a living... I now bring my vast, international experience to help support you on your journey.

She knows what she’s doing, she has the background to back that up and it's easily sensed.

In both my professional and private life, I can direct my destiny by choosing how to interpret what comes my way and by shaping my life according to my plan in the process. I make a conscious choice not to be a passive recipient but instead to act or accept and to make the most of each new experience. You can design a master plan of your life as well - it takes the courage to start and perseverance to pursue, which I believe you already have access to!

That’s right – I choose to be happy and successful, and am looking forward to you joining this happiness-driven club as well!

Your Coach,

Klaudia Kostarelas