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Workshop's Agenda
1. Guests arrival + Brief Networking
2. Intro + Session Schedule
3. 'Imagine...' Exercise
4. 5 BIG Questions to ask
5. Your Vision
6. Next Steps
7. Q&A
8. Networking + Closure

What to bring:
notepad + pen


Have you ever wondered what drives your decisions? Have you thought about what your purpose is and how to build on top of it? Finally, have you been racking your brain all day trying to think what your next step is? 


When you tap into what you truly desire in life, your professional and business decisions will fall into their place. 


My name is Klaudia Kostarelas, and I'd love to invite you to a self-discovery journey! I used to work for big IT Services companies and tech startups (making or raising millions of $$$ for them). What I found much more fulfilling, though, is helping Entrepreneurial and Creative Minds get what they TRULY want - a successful business, a fun side-hustle project, or more time for themselves and their loved ones. 


I am a coach and psychologist on a mission to make you see how many options you have AND to help you IMPLEMENT it - one step at a time! I believe that strategy without the proper mindset is drudgery, and mindset without strategy is bullsh*t, and hence, I want you to embrace them both.

In my free time, I travel, run at the beach, make pickles and invest in real estate.

Hope to see you at the workshop!


Klaudia Kostarelas