Being knowledgeable doesn’t predestine you to succeed. Taking action does.

One of my recent customers is a psychologist who wants to advance her career and accommodate her massive appetite for new exciting endeavors with her true self. She is not a fresh graduate or someone who only wished they pursued this professional path. She is practicing and reputable clinical psychologist, who helps others get over their traumas, anxieties, and deficiencies every day. She deals with death, losses of beloved ones and severe mental disorders, to name a few – and she does it genuinely, as her calling.

It’s a very inquisitive lady who has done tremendous work in terms of dealing with her limitations, despite the baggage of experiences she collected throughout her life. She owns a unique capability of looking insight her psyche and soul and to analyze them in and out - I guess that why she is such an excellent clinician. After the first session, she concluded, though:

It’s impossible to believe that we, humans, claim to know ourselves so profoundly, but yet we don’t have a clear plan on how to realize our goals. I thought I knew myself, but after talking to you, I can see a real, possible game plan on how I can get to where I have always wanted to be!

Why am I even bringing up this story? Only to help you realize that you can be the smartest person in the room, yet remain confused about your career. You can have all the knowledge and experience, but without an actionable plan, you will not progress.

Magic happens when you are willing to be vulnerable and revisit or design a new ‘game plan’ for your life. I wish I could see more people willing to do that, as the reward might excel anyone's expectations.  Take the leap. Design a game plan for your career.

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