Entrepreneurship or schizophrenia?

We all know that running a business is challenging - not everyone has what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. After interviewing dozens of business owners, I came to an unexpected conclusion...

Here are some symptoms that entrepreneurs have repeatedly been reporting - do you recognize any of those?

1. Delusions. 

These are false beliefs that are not based on reality. You think that your employees cause your failures or that if only you had more money, your company would function way better. You believe that you need to suffer now to be happy in the future. 

2. Hallucinations. 

You see what other people can’t see. You have the vision that no one can embrace. Your way of thinking is hard to understand to mortals.

3. Disorganized thinking (speech).

Effective communication can be impaired, and answers to questions might be partially or entirely unrelated. Rarely, speech may include putting together words that can't be understood – for example, ‘disruption, leverage, unicorn, pioneering, the best in the market, crush the competition, next Uber’ 

4. Disorganized behavior. 

This may show in several ways. For instance, you are conceiving an idea, getting everyone excited about it to dropping it 2 months later due to some market fluctuations. You might start performing a task, and then, you are distracted by an email that came in. You need to respond. You are having dinner with your family when your phone starts ringing - it's an investor. You need to pick up. Your behavior isn't focused on a goal, so it's hard to do tasks.

5. Negative symptoms.

This refers to reduced or lack of ability to function normally. For example, a person may neglect personal hygiene (lack of sleep, lack of proper nutrition). Also, the person may have lost interest in everyday activities, socially withdraw, or lack the ability to experience pleasure.

Now, before you rush to a psychologist or psychiatrist, take a deep breath and just pause for a second. You do not have schizophrenia – I hope I didn’t scare you.* It might be hard, though, to catch up with everything, keep smiling, to be the CEO/founder/entrepreneur, and have LIFE at the same time.

Instead of letting your business lead you, take over, and get your time, joy and life back.

Be kind to yourself. Remember to take the time to relax and rest. Maintain the relationships with your loved ones. Organize and structure your life to regain time.

When you thrive, your business will thrive as well.

Your Coach,


*If you feel that you might need to get consulted by a psychologist or psychiatrist, please DO NOT HESITATE. You can find toll free hotline numbers by clicking on the links below.


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