One thing no one can take away from you

There is one thing that you always have the power to do, and understanding this essential power is critical to your ongoing success and happiness.

We all have those days when everything that was seemingly going our way suddenly goes south – you didn’t hit your quota and won’t get your quarterly bonus; out of the blue, a customer cancels a big fat deal you thought was locked in; or your boss takes his You’re lucky to even have this job schtick to the next level.

When faced with things that don’t go our way – in a big way – we all have our own means of coping.

Some people ensconce themselves in a protective shell and stew in shame of their own creation – in other words, they give up simply because something didn’t work out.

The same life events can trigger different reactions in different people.

There are also, however, those people who impressively move forward from perceived failures by giving themselves another shot – trying to hit the next quota, pursuing a bigger deal with a different client, or having a meaningful discussion with the boss in question. These intrepid individuals might repeat earlier mistakes and get the same results, but they might just move forward with a fresh new approach to obtaining the results they want. In the end, it depends...

The most interesting and promising group of reactors out there includes those people who not only get back up after a fall but who also manage to grow stronger in the process. Many such people adopt an outsider’s perspective, which allows them to see the big picture more clearly – without focusing too closely through the lens of self. After a setback, these industrious souls reflect upon how they contributed to the unfavorable results and how they – with personal effort – can effect a more favorable outcome next time.

This is when the magic happens – when you see a direct correlation between what you do and the results you experience. It’s at this juncture that you’re likely to discover that there are better, more productive ways to deal with problematic situations – and the more deeply you reflect, the more clear your options will become.

When you truly understand the correlation between your actions and negative momentum in your life, things have a way of snapping firmly into place and providing you with a CLEAR understanding of your situation and your best options.

There is a cherry on top in all of this:

When things start going in the wrong direction in your life, it’s important to recognize that there is one thing no one can take away from you – your ability to interpret and apply any meaning you choose to the situation at hand.

This represents a powerful choice that is yours alone.

Ultimately, you are in charge of how you interpret your life’s trajectory. Though you may not have any say about being laid off, for example, your reaction to this setback is yours alone. You can fret over it, or you can turn it into an opportunity to find a better position or to transform your life completely!

Before finding significant success in my career, I failed many times. The process, however, only served to make me a stronger and a more focused professional (the less drama in my career, the better). You, too, can find your professional strength.

What's the takeaway?

It’s time to reframe your reactions in support of yourself and your goals.

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