Self-development for entrepreneurs 101

Yes, my dear BUSY entrepreneurial friend, you read it correctly, everything starts with you - all the successes and failures as well. Improve yourself and spread that positive change among your employees. Don’t be scared, and I will start with the basics...

Be kind AKA don’t be a jerk

If you have problems with staying cool after someone irritated you/hasn’t accepted your deal/rejected you/made a mistake, etc., please repeat after me while breathing in and out slowly…

I inhale PEACE

I exhale LOVE

Feel free to exchange the words to anything that calms you down, feels super sturdy, or simply speaking, makes sense to you.

Ps. If someone approached you, for example, on LinkedIn/via an email, offering something you are not interested in - thank them, be kind, and practice the newly introduced exercise:) They might be your potential customer or a future employee, just so you know.

Treat your body with the necessary respect

Warren Buffet and his dietary habits ( sugary soda, junk food, and limited vegetables) have reached legendary status. Follow his strategies on how to make money (compound interest effect), but forget about eating crap - your body will thank you.

Simple techniques to feel good, energized, and ready for all the adventures of the day:

  • Always have a glass of water near you: when you wake up, while at work, and drink it even when you are not thirsty. It will keep you hydrated and invigorated. It will take the headache away. When you feel tired - drink water.

  • Move your body EVERY MORNING. You can go to the gym, run around your block, or the house (even you can start with 10 minutes and increase the time as you go) or do some squats or pushups in your bedroom. If you claim you don’t have 2 minutes for a few pushups - I think you didn’t plan it well.

  • Learn how you feel when eating a particular type of food. Carbs might make you feel sleepy (don’t try to negotiate a new deal after a heavy lunch). Alcohol can decrease your immunity and make you feel tired, eating lots of processed food might result in shortages of vitamins and microelements - believe me, you need to be in good health to run a company.

On top of it, would you fill your company with toxic or unqualified people - why do you stuff your body with junk food, then?

Be conscious - everything starts within you

You are the brain of the operation. You created the company, starting from the ideation phase, testing, failing to making sure everything goes in the right direction.

If something in your company doesn’t work as you wish it would, start with a fundamental question:

‘ What can I do to make it better?’

People tend to search for some external circumstances to justify the failures, while at the same time, they eagerly assume all the glory after a win. That’s how our psychology works; the key is to be aware of this tendency and adjust your behavior accordingly.

If your salespeople don’t sell your product or service, you might want to investigate where the problem is. Here are some of the examples:

  • Wrong people, which translates into… you or your HR team not being able to recruit best, most suitable talents

Potential solution: talk to your recruiters or refine the hiring process. Ask for referrals and call them, make sure people you hire are not only skilled but also believe in your vision, like the product or service they are supposed to be selling, etc.

  • Lack of conviction/belief, which is a reflection of the company's policies, transparency, and/or culture

Ask your employees what they think the problem might be. Sometimes it might be a trivial thing like not understanding fully the real value of what they sell or something much bigger like not BELIEVING in the product/service.

The fish stinks from the head

When there are issues in a company, it begins with leadership. The failures in leadership work their way down the rest of the company. As the person in the leadership position, change needs to start with you.

If you have a feeling that things are not moving in the right direction at all, can sense chaos in the air, or see a lack of results, although everyone seems to be working at their capacity, you should pause for a second. And think. You might want to:

  • evaluate if everyone is on the same page in terms of their quarterly, monthly, weekly goals

  • if they know what and why they have to be doing daily

  • who to ask for help if they get stuck with something

Moreover… if you feel you have issues with following your schedule, being organized, or serving customers the way they deserve, don’t be surprised your people struggle in those areas as well.

When you run a for-profit business, everything must be aligned with your BIGGER VISION, which translates into reaching your financial-related goals (revenue, number of new customers, churn rate, etc.). Ensure your people know where they are heading to and show them how things are done.

Lead by example.