Your time on Earth is limited

Your behaviors influence your life, and the way you train your brain can significantly alter the course of it.

The sooner you start on the path toward your most richly rewarding life, the more time you’ll have to enjoy it.

Have you ever wondered what your life would look like if you’d taken that opportunity that you didn’t quite have the courage or will to pursue? Do you ever observe your friends’ successes with envy? Do you have a bad case of the grass is always greener? If so, don’t beat yourself up; these aren’t uncommon regrets, and recognizing that you harbor such thoughts is the first important step toward letting them go.

Most of us have the power and will to move mountains – from very early ages – but we just don’t recognize this supper power. You are one of these people!

One of the pervasive misconceptions about change is that our personalities are formed in early childhood and don’t evolve much after that. For example, when someone gets labeled as lazy – after a bout of laziness – and it sticks because “that’s just how he is,” the stigma is difficult to shake. Further, when someone who comes from a successful family is also successful, that person is often labeled as lucky – as if luck flows through their blood.

Research teaches us that our brains have an amazing ability to adapt to new environments and to develop new neuronal paths that correspond with repetitive behaviors. When you continue to practice playing the piano, your brain develops a special streamlined connectivity for that activity. If, on the other hand, your thing is zoning out in front of the TV, you can expect your brain to hone a solid TV-watching pathway just as quickly.

The brain’s amazing ability to adapt is called neuroplasticity. This neuroplasticity allows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain not only to compensate for injury and disease but also to adjust in response to new situations and to changes in the environment.

Depending on how you use your brain, it’s connections are either constantly strengthening or weakening.

Look at it this way – if you had great potential in high school but were never able to highlight your abilities – and you got labeled as not quite smart enough – it likely played a role in the choices you made. The fact is, however, that you do have choices in the matter. You can choose to believe erroneous statements about yourself and allow those statements to guide your future pursuits – including college and other dreams. The path you choose, however, will quickly set the tone for your future. In the end, your attitudes and actions conspire to adapt your brain to your way of thinking. If you decide that you, indeed, aren’t quite smart enough for college and beyond, your brain will swiftly adapt.

If, by contrast, you took this opportunity to prove the naysayers wrong and tackled the educational hurdles ahead of you in order to pursue your career dreams or to create a business that’s meaningful to you, your brain can just as easily adapt to this mindset – one that is far more likely to facilitate your goals.

The choices you make, the attitudes you embrace, and the behaviors you engage in alter your brain’s very structure.

Neuroplasticity and the ability to alter our brains by altering our beliefs recedes with age. There’s no time like the present – address the changes you want to make today.

The fact is that many of us pursue a self-sabotaging course of action. We latch onto the million reasons why our venture won’t succeed, why our boss won’t give us a rise, or why our love object couldn’t possibly be interested in us. And, lo and behold, all of these preconceived notions are self-fulfilling – much like having bad karma on tap. In the process, we create our own failures. Even worse, we ultimately chalk it all up to being yet another example of what’s meant to be. Do you play a role in your destiny or don’t you?

Your behaviors, actions, and beliefs can alter your brain in both positive and negative ways. By repeatedly engaging in meaningful behaviors, you allow yourself the opportunity to move forward in exciting new directions. By actively addressing your legacy of thoughts and implementing necessary changes, you can gain knowledge, master new skills, and alter the course of your life in ways you’ve probably never even considered. The secret is believing in yourself.

Are you ready for change?

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