Unleash your potential

aka cut off the noise, figure out how to succeed and get IT done

- a transformational workshop

& your 2020 compass

The secret of lasting success is the growth mindset and bold execution. What drives all your actions and fuels the success is your MOTIVE.

Discover what’s driving you, leverage proven strategies, and design a PLAN you want to make a reality.


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Turn on you secret power 

2020 is approaching, and it’s a perfect time to give yourself a gift of clarity, confidence, and necessary knowledge that will push you to take the first step towards your long-awaited success.  


Discover and master the secret power you’ve always had - your North Start, the compass in life, which is a unique combination of your design, experiences, and everything your life prepared you for. 


Stop driving with the brakes on, use the power of your internal wisdom and resources you already have, and transform your life and business. Unlock more opportunities and challenge what is possible for you.

Who is it for?

The workshop is tailored for High - Achievers who have been pursuing careers (and lives) that don’t satisfy them anymore.

It’s for creative and open-minded individuals who want to reach for more rather than what’s available for them right now. It’s for those who feel stuck, suffocating or simply want to level up and enter a new platou in their lives.

Why should I attend the workshop?


Gain clarity over your strengths, values and all internal resources


Prioritize available opportunities and pick one you will start with


Tap into your life vision you want to make reality


Validate your vision  with the group and receive the support


Craft a 30-day plan that will help you achieve your first milestone

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Adriana, Entrepreneur

Klaudia is an extraordinary adventure - her strength, support, ability to motivate, and strategies have put me in order - that is, the queen of chaos - which seemed impossible!


Fernando, Virtual Production

Klaudia showed me I can be and achieve much more than I originally envisioned for myself. I have a different mindset now.


Alicia, Film Maker

With my perspective changed 360 degrees, now I feel free and powerful to follow my dreams, both in professional and personal areas. I am extremely grateful for Klaudia's help.

What do other people say?

    The first of the three inspirational workshops after which you will want to bring your BIG vision to life and make it a success.
    The sky is the limit. Give yourself an ultimate gift and realize your dreams and goals for 2020 with confidence like never before.